Tuesday, August 18, 2009

oh if Jewish (Torah ) law was the law of the Land!

If the torah was the law of the land we wouldn't need tort reform because there are no torts allowed.
the laws of murder and capital punishment are so cleverly crafted to allow just the right amount of deterrent with the right amount of compassion and humanity for both the criminal and, what we forget these days, the victim.
The impeccable balance which the torah law follows is so brilliant and it was devised more than 3000 years ago.
And still is the best working thing out there.

The need to make others do what you do

Why is there this need among many to impose their views or beliefs on others?
Why can't people be confident and comfortable enough in their beliefs to do it for themselves and not impose it on others?
Whether it's religion, vegan, socialism or carbon.
Do it for yourself and save the choice for others and judgementality for yourselves.

you have to pay the toll

Just remember there is no free ride. If you didn't pay for the bridge before you got on you'll probably have to pay before you get off.
Or if you didn't pay on the way out you know you'll have to pay on the way in and for both directions.

I can't take it anymore!!!

I'm sick of all the lying, faking and perverted truth!!!!
There is no more integrity left.
Obama is bringing us down